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Proposed topic for Biometrika research project
I am not sure if this would be too complex, but here is my proposed topic for the Biometrika research project. I want to see what impact the weather has on the amount of homework I complete each week for the classes I am taking this semester. In addition, I want to add what grade I receive on the assignment. I also want to add an additional notes section where I would mention if I was sick, if poor weather caused the internet to not work that day, if I was gone somewhere else for any fair amount of time (say, to a doctor's appointment). If this first idea is too complex for the purpose of this assignment, I would like to simply determine what correlation there is between a day’s weather conditions and how much homework I finish during that day.
I expect that I will accomplish more on days with decent to good weather than on days with weather that is not so good. However, if the weather is too poor, I may include in a separate data sheet. I use satellite internet to do nearly all of my homework each week. If there is a heavy rainstorm or snowstorm, the internet usually does not work during them. If there are a bunch of days where I am only able to use the internet for a couple of hours before a storm causes me to lose connection, but I am fairly productive during the time that I am able to use the internet, the data I record may suggest that I have not been very productive when in reality, I am unable to complete assignments for part of (sometimes the majority) of the day.

Monday, December 10, 2012.

As you see above, my original project topic was going to be to determine whether or not the weather had an impact on my grade. However, I didn't take any numerical measurements of the weather (wind speed, hours of sun, temperature, etc), so I cannot use that idea. My new idea was to determine whether or not the number of days it takes me to complete an assignment has an effect on my grade. I had kept track of what I did on what days for my first idea. I also can see what all of my grades are for the semester except the ones for the last two weeks in certain classes. I am using 54 pairs of data for the assignment. Using different online calculators, I came up with these results.

Correlation Coeffiient

Coefficient of determination


Least squares regression

y = a + bx where:

a= 92.4 (a = 4.8 )

b= -1.78 (b = 1.8 )

degrees of freedom = 52

r = -0.089 (p = 0.522)

Possible Confounding

Relating to my new proposal, it appears as though my grade is lower with the larger numbers of days I spend on an assignment (judging by the above data). However, some of the assignments that I spent longer on were harder. Therefore, it would be easier to get a 100% on, say, a discussion board assignment that only takes a couple days, than for a long paper.